if i was a teacher

i would teach ninety grade and would not care about anything they did and could go on there phones and bring there tvs and play are watch anything and u can do anything in life  u should always think before u do it try ur best and be a nice person

if u finish u can have free time


who i am

imgres-2.jpg  this is important to me because this is my dream car

imgres.jpgthis is important to me because this is my favorite  game to play and rage on

imgres-1.jpg this is important to me because it is the first game i ever got

winter break

i stayed at home and played gta5 .i also played cod mw remasted. for for Christmas i got mw remasted and battle field 1 .i spent time whit my family . i went on instugram .


i watched h3h3 and idubbs. i watched the babadook . and i hit some 84747586357657864786786487 a cross maps yy noscopes